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Simply put, the Zenith Stratosphere model 1000Z is one of the most beautiful and unique radios ever designed and produced. This radio, with its $750 price tag, marked the pinnacle of radio opulence during the Great Depression. Its tall skyscraper-like deco cabinet is decorated with rare exotic woods with stunning inlay design patterns that make the cabinet a work-of-art.

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Man has always had a curiosity to go the edge of the earth's atmosphere; to cross into and beyond what is known as the stratosphere. On April 15, 1875 three men - Gaston Tissandier, Théodore Sivel and Joseph Croce-Spinellil, lifted off from Paris in a spherical balloon called the “Zenith” and reached an altitude of 27,950 feet. The main purpose of the Zenith's flight was to determine the amount of carbonic acid and aqueous vapor in the atmosphere's higher regions. During the flight,

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1930's RADIO RETROSPECTIVE One night in 1937 the evening sun went down and as it dropped below the horizon the vast daytime radio audience expanded to millions. Never in our history has the U.S. been so connected by so many powerful voices across the airwaves. Out of New York in the East, Chicago in the middle, and Hollywood in the West came the most expensive voices in America; voices worth as much as $250 per minute, $15,000 per microphone hour. Significantly, the best-known voices on the big evening network shows come from Hollywood, for all of the voices were attached to Names, and Hollywood was then and still is today the greatest maker of and taker of Names on Earth. It was not altogether healthy for radio that this should be so, but in 1937 over 70 million U.S. listeners were satisfied, and their satisfaction was the be-all and end-all of radio broadcasting.

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2009 FALL/WINTER GALLERY SHOW It’s my goal is to introduce an annual Gallery Show dealing with different areas of radio history. For this years Gallery subject I have selected, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, my all time favorite act in the Golden Age of Radio, which was from 1935 to 1956.

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STRATOSPHERE REGISTRY This website is committed to a mission of gathering information on Zenith Stratosphere radios and exchanging this information with registered members in an attempt to help radio collectors, history enthusiast and Stratosphere owners better understand these unique radios and their history.

If you are a Zenith Stratosphere owner or just have an interest in Stratosphere radios you can register and be part of this important information gathering project by going to the Stratosphere Registry link below and following the sign up instructions.

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